Baby it’s COLD out there!

Residents of New England are preparing for the first real cold and bitter temperatures of this winter season. While the calendar might tell us it is not yet officially winter, Mother Nature’s actions have proved otherwise.

Temperatures could dip fairly low on Friday, with highs in the 20’s. We will have some sunshine to bask in, but the biting wind and cold temps will make it tough to stay outside.

As such, you should be making it a priority to tend to the outside showers, sprinklers and lawn furniture. It’s getting colder even quicker this year—we have to be prepared for anything, and we hope those with second homes on the Cape have taken care of all the necessary winterizing.

If you feel your house in not prepared for the oncoming weather, or you are thinking that you need a little more protection or watch during this time of year, it is not too late to have Home Sitters of Cape Cod take care of your property.

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Keep Warm!

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