Home Watch Services at Kingsway of Yarmouth

There is an extensive amount of involvement, service mindedness, training, certifications, insurance, license and bonding that are part and parcel of any home watch services.  Homesitters has earned a reputation as the best property management service on Cape Cod, because we offer a broad category of exceptional property management services.

Particularly, just because your package doesn’t cover any particular service that is warranted for your property otherwise, we don’t show negligence in those areas. We do report to you about that as well if there is a concern for your property’s safety and security standards. That is why our existing clients are loyal to us. Money is secondary objective here in our company, while the primary focus is to win the goodwill of the Cape Cod residents.

As we are part of the community at Kingsway we have that innate bond as a community member as well. So, naturally, clients gain that trust so sooner once started to deal with our home watch service experts. In addition to the property management tasks of the regular kind as you could have noticed on our website, we are also offering the following key holding services for our clients.

  • Special post-storm reporting and rehabilitation services
  • Round-the-clock operations and immediate response to burglar alarms.
  • Some of the key benefits that are issued to the clients will include the following:

We offer a service of high quality home watch services at Kingsway that is different from the other competitors in the industry who are also doing the same property management services.

If you have decided to work with us, then we can set up a free counseling session to meet you and discuss your project at your flexible and preferred timing. This may include a free home inspection and survey if you want one.

The inspectors will come to your home and provide you with a detailed inspection report on the issues that have arisen.  That includes the overall costs presented as a quotation to the client prior to accepting the proposal.