Property Management Company

There are very large Property Management companies on Cape Cod. We are NOT, and will never be one of those companies!

property management company

Homesitters is a property management company and provides home watch services on Cape Cod. We know entirely what this line of work entails, it is not just a small division of a really big company, it is our career.

Without having to rush through hundreds of homes each week, we can give you assurance that each time we are at your home, you are getting the time, and thoroughness you deserve. We are licensed, insured, bonded, certified and trusted.

We do not have hundreds of employees, you will not have to worry how many different people are in your home, or on your property when you are not there. We know exactly what to look for, and how to get the job done. We will not send a “painter” to your home, because it is a slow time, and we have to give him a job to do.

We are able to offer more personalized Cape Cod Property Management services to address your needs. This can be much more cost effective to you as a homeowner. You will not pay for services you do not need.

property management company cape cod

We can provide you with a long term commitment. We will not have to set aside your concerns, because this time of year our home watch services and key holding division just got really busy.

Your concerns can be addressed reliably, and promptly. We have a smaller coverage area for our Property Management company on Cape Cod, which means we can get to your property quickly, if an emergency occurs. When you have a concern about your property, whether you call, an alarm company calls, or maybe a neighbor calls, we are on it. There is no calling into a dreaded answering service, who calls a dispatch desk, who then calls whoever may be on call at that moment.

With Property Management services by Home Sitters, you will have no worries, and you certainly will not feel pressured by anyone selling you any other services you may not want or need. Contact our professional staff today, and set any worries you may have about your Cape Cod home aside. You can come enjoy your home, with no surprises when you get here!