Home Watch Services in Ballymeade of Falmouth

Generally, home watch services will not include all the services we offer to our Ballymeade clients, both residential and commercial, in this part of the world. Cape Cod, in particular, has inclement weather conditions in some months of the year where removal of snow is a cumbersome task to handle, even for the skilled professionals in the trade. Removing the snow, debris and clogs in the gutter is crucial to prevent further damage. We inspect report and if you advise then we shall make arrangements for fixing the issue then and there.

So what are the Falmouth Property Management services and home watch services in Ballymeade of Falmouth that we do offer to our clients?

Absentee homeowner inspections
Absentee homeowner inspections can be performed on a wide range of tasks according to the individual requirements of Ballymeade residential and commercial property owners. That is why it is a custom package most of the time.

Who needs the expert’s assistance?

  1. Unoccupied residential home owners
  2. Rental property owners
  3. Realtors
  4. And also lease home owners, vendors and rental home owners.

When they are going to stay away from their property for extended periods of time, we offer the following Key Holding Services on Cape Cod.

  • Immediate and potential danger or damages are identified, reported and if needed necessary action is taken as the client’s needs.
  • Each of your lamps is examined and, if necessary, the lights are changed.
  • Your loft, driveway, and subterranean areas are all thoroughly inspected.
  • We inspect the building for leaks, particularly in the crawl space and around openings.
  • If there seems to be evidence of timber decay around the home; we report, and fix that.
  • Extending tree branches in length are pruned in time.
  • We inspect the paint quality, discontinuities, erosion, and graffiti and so on.
  • Help maintaining Wood husk thickness that is appropriate
  • Examining your burglar alarms
  • When we exit, we make sure your property is safely tucked away and secured.
  • Examine the outside of the property for indications of wear and tear, as well as rodent or insect incursions.
  • The interiors of your Cape Cod property are checked too. We pay specific attention to the functioning of your pneumatic equipment, HVAC units, and heat exchanges.
  • Check gardening, external lights, and porch or balcony areas to make sure everything is in proper working order.

And even more.  No stone will remain unturned.  We have a clear-cut agreement with no hidden agenda before we take up any Home Watch Services assignment.